Empty Limited Edition

The Limited Edition of 'Empty' is something special. Each copy contains a few seeds of the stipagrostis uniplumis or silky bushman grass; one of the miracles of Namibia.


Silky bushman grass could be regarded as the single most important contributor to pasture production in Namibia: feeding the cattle and the wild, and in turn also the locals. In fact, bushman grass is Namibia’s most powerful economic engine, because even though tourists may not eat grass, the large herds of ungulates they come to see do. And in turn lion, leopard, cheetah and other carnivores indirectly depend upon a sufficient supply of grazing to support their prey animals.

'Empty', Limited Edition: each copy comes numbered, stamped and signed, with a dedication to your liking.  Price: € 50,00

Please contact me if you are interested in this exclusive book.