photo cruise raja ampat 2019

It doesn’t get any better or more exclusive than this! Ten days of being pampered aboard a beautiful wooden sailing ship, whilst sailing one of the most remote and untouched destinations of our planet: the Northeastern part of the Indonesian archipelago. Working on your photo skills in a relaxed way at the same time, with plenty of time for personal guidance.

Raja Ampat is unique. I don't know of any place in the world where the coral has been preserved as beautifully as here. And that also says something about the rest of the environment: pure, unaffected and quiet. What a great place to explore on board a typical Indonesian sailing ship.

The Katharina is an elegant Buginese schooner and has only six cabins, so can accommodate a maximum of twelve guests. The crew members (also twelve!) ensure that we are being spoiled during a wonderful ten-day trip that brings us to unknown and unexplored places. This is holiday vibe to the fullest: completely away from everything. Almost no one wears a watch here, in the course of the week you see fewer and fewer mobile phones and the latest news does not reach us.

Instead, we find a calm and pleasant rhythm. Wake up early, have a long breakfast, a short talk on photography before we set foot on yet another tropical paradise, lunch, an hour of snorkeling, perhaps followed by a short siesta. Before we know it’s time for a beer or a gin tonic, and we discuss the photo results of that day while sipping our cold drinks.

Everything goes without saying here. We throw our laundry carelessly into a basket at the bottom of the stairs; a day later we find our shirts and pants back in our rooms, clean and neatly folded.

No sleet and snow, traffic jams or endless management meetings but the wonderful feeling of the warm, teak deck on your feet instead. The rippling waves against the ship's skin whilst you lie on one ear dozing in the air-conditioned cabin. The sweet smell of a kretek cigarette blowing up the deck from the crew's quarters. The simmering engine of a passing fishing boat, the flapping of a sail when the helmsman dozes of for a second.

Traveling the way it’s supposed to be!


Boarding: November 29, 2019 Sorong, Papua

Disembarkation: 8 December 2019 Sorong, Papua

Price for this unique trip: US $ 5,950 per person based on a double cabin, full board and guidance from a local guide and Thijs Heslenfeld. Flights and personal expenses are not included.

All information about this trip can be found here on the site of Seatrek.

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