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'hot' voted best travel photobook of 2009

The nomination was already there, but now it's official. The Dutch association of travel book shops voted 'Hot - Life in the Australian outback' the best Dutch photo book of 2009! Here's what the jury had to say:

'Thijs Heslenfeld is one of the best Dutch travel photographers. In this book about his much-loved Australia, he strikes exactly the right note to make the outback sing. Heslenfeld says that he wants to show life in the outback - nothing more, nothing less. But that, obviously, is an understatement. Not everyone can perceive the beauty in desiccated carcasses in red sand, a pile of tyres in the desert, some tools in a dusty shed.

Whilst there is, of course, a lot of outback in this book, there is a lot of Heslenfeld too. His sense of rhythm, patterns and eye for very subtle shades makes it a very personal book. Details of feathers, the gentle green tones of broken bottles and even a picture of a road train that rumbles past him imbue a soft sheen.

Truly an exceptionally beautiful photo book.'