life begins where the comfort zone ends

namibia 2013 - part 1 is over!

Yesterday I landed in Frankfurt, after an amazing journey through Namibia. More than two months with a well-equipped four wheel drive bush camper criss-cross through this beautiful, deserted country. Sleeping in unique places, views to remember forever, encounters and personal stories to take in, which all left an indelible impression. So much beauty, simplicity and purity cannot leave anyone indifferent.

Along the way I would continue to pick up new guests from the Netherlands, who would travel along for a day or 10, quite a change from my usual mode of travel. A wonderful way to share this journey. Not only because together you see a lot more, but every person experiences things differently. This effect was further enhanced by these special surroundings, being in the middle of nowhere, without all the usual distractions, the crowds, the noise, all that we take for granted at home.

Every day a new discovery. No idea where we would sleep, who or what we would encounter. Cooking our meals on te campfire, shitting in the bush, no network access. Every day would bring questions that we had to answer ourselves. Can you actually go to sleep if 30 elephants are circling around the car? How do you bake bread in a cast iron pan? Is this guy to be trusted? Are lions really afraid of fire or is it suicide to sit here with a glass of Chardonnay? Can we drive on these salt flats or will the car get stuck?

Iā€™m filled with these feelings and I want to share my impressions, here and now. Without the explanation and interpretation that it might need. Because right now I cannot put all in words yet.

Here's what I experienced with Richard Zweekhorst, Daphne Prieckaerts, Peter and Jeroen Hemels, Mundo Resink and Jeroen Stolting. Thanks for your companionship, friendship and trust!

If this story touches you, share this album on FB, or anywhere else. And in November and December I will be traveling again, for part two of this wonderful project. Early next year it will all be in book form.

You want to join me for an unforgettable journey? There are still two places available: one is early November, the other one halfway december. Drop me a note if you're interested!