life begins where the comfort zone ends

heading for the syrian border

Dutch daily Het Parool called me with a question: 'Do you want to go to Zataari, one of the biggest camps for Syrian refugees in Jordan, to photograph the children there?' Didn't have to think long: sure!

Turned out there is a Dutch group called Syrious Mission (I like the name)  that sends out musicians to the camps; they sing and make music with the kids for a week and end the visit with a concert in which the children themselves perform. Now that sounds nice.

One small problem:  there is (obviously) no money for tickets and local expenses. So I kickstarted a fundraising campaign on both Twitter and FB. And within a few hours the phone rang. Pieter Hemels, director of Hemels van der Hart, showed me what friends are for and offered to pay the bill.

Thanks Pieter! Good to know that even in these times there are entrepreneurs who dare to let their heart speak.

I'm off tomorrow, together with reporter Rinke Verkerk, to produce features for Het Parool, Volkskrant, De Correspondent and Nieuwe Revu.

I'm sure it won't be easy. As one of my friends on FB suggested: 'It will be challenging to find a balance between empathy and switching your feelings off.'

I'm afraid he's right. But that is also exactly the reason I want to do this. More soon.