life begins where the comfort zone ends

Dead line

Today is monday, the rain is falling outside and I find myself on the floor again, a few hundred images scattered around me. Should I skip this one? What's the story behind that one and could it be that the other one is more powerful? May be this one, if combined with.... Or..

For my new book 'Empty' I spent six months in the desert in Namibia, drove something like 25.000 kilometres and took a few thousand images. And now I am compressing all that into 128 pages...

Producing a photo book is never easy. This is the fifth book I am making and although I am beginning to recognize the different stages in this creative process, I can't seem to get them under control. And I probably shouldn't even try.

Making a photo book is a time and energy consuming thing. I do feel how the chaos is slowly but surely heading towards one goal, towards order and something that makes sense, both in txt and photographs. And with only a week left to the deadline, that is a comforting thought!

Last week I sat down with designer Tiemen Harder from Koningharder in Utrecht and he showed me the first real results. So here's a few spreads that will definitely make it into the book. I think.