Travelling on your own through the remotest parts of Namibia is entering a world totally different from ours. This is a place without money, time, WIFI or rush hours. Here, it’s between you and mother nature.

For ‘Empty’ 12 people left their friends and family, office, home and country each for a week to join Dutch photographer Thijs Heslenfeld for a journey into the unknown. The only thing they knew was where and when it would end. That was all. No itinerary, no plans, no targets.

This book is about a world where fathers start wondering why they don’t experience these adventures with their sons. People who have been sitting behind a desk for 20 years discover they love to work with their bare hands. And someone who has been facing a difficult choice in life quietly for some time, takes a firm decision at the campfire.

The African wilderness really performs miracles.

The book contains a chapter with all the dos & dont's of bushcamping in Namibia.

Empty, txt & photographs Thijs Heslenfeld, English, 128 pages, full colour, 16,5 x 23 cm landscape format, Swiss binding, ISBN 978-90-812470-3-0,

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