life begins where the comfort zone ends

There is a connection here

Only one more week and my new photo book 'Empty' will be out. For this project I travelled the remotest corners of Namibia for 6 months. And there, visitors from Holland would jump on board to join me for a week or sometimes two.

All in all I had 16 people coming over to experience what it's like to be completely on your own in the African bush, in a world run by Mother Nature, not by humans. None of them had ever experienced this before. Some of them had never been to Africa.

I asked the people that joined me to write something about their trip, and 10 of their stories are included in 'Empty'. This one, from Marc Knip, struck me as particularly strong and powerful, because Marc is so open about his uncomfortable start.

I feel he touches the very essence of what it's like to travel like this.